About Brooks

About Brooks Carter

Brooks Carter is a dedicated professional working at State Chamber Connect. He has been in the business of connecting people and businesses for over 10 years.

Brooks was born and raised in the small town of Middletown, Ohio. After graduating from high school, he attended The Ohio State University where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. After college, Brooks moved to Columbus, Ohio where he began his career as an Account Executive with a local chamber of commerce.

At the chamber, Brooks quickly rose through the ranks and became a leader in connecting businesses with each other and with their communities. He was instrumental in helping to create new programs that helped small businesses grow and thrive. His work was so successful that it caught the attention of State Chamber Connect, who hired him as their Director of Business Development.

In this role, Brooks is responsible for developing relationships between state chambers of commerce and businesses across the country. He works closely with state chambers to ensure they have access to resources that will help them better serve their members and communities. Additionally, he helps connect businesses with each other so they can collaborate on projects or share resources more easily.

Brooks is passionate about helping others succeed and believes strongly in the power of collaboration. He is committed to helping businesses and chambers of commerce build strong relationships that will benefit everyone involved.