Coastal Cowgirl Style

The sartorial coastal clothing of coastal clothing varies by locale and season. In the summer, Californians tend toward relaxed silhouettes and beachy feminine vibes, while those across the East Coast exude a sleeker, more polished bearing. But no matter where you call home, it’s easy to incorporate some of this coastal style into your wardrobe—think, linen button-down shirts and woven straw bucket hats.

Dubbed the “coastal cowgirl” aesthetic by TikTok users, this trend is redefining the classic coastal clothing of our childhoods with a modern twist. The style has racked up over 116 million views on the platform and has made its way into the closets of mature fashion girls and Diane Keaton fans alike, from Sydney Sweeney to Dua Lipa. The key to nailing this style is to keep it chic but effortless, blending the ethereal essence of Western fashion with seaside staples like linen button-downs and ribbed sweatpants.

Dive into Style: Exploring the Charm of Coastal Clothing

Light neutrals—think: white, gray, and soft beige—are essential for this look. And as for denim, you want to keep it slim-fit and wide-leg so that the pants and skirts will move with ease. Try a pair like this Everlane The Relaxed Chino to get that perfect coastal grandmother slouchy fit.

Round out the outfit with a bucket hat—the wide-brimmed styles are a nod to vintage cowgirls—and a pair of sunnies, like these polarized square-toe shades. Lastly, don’t forget your beach bag and a woven mini basket for your summer getaway essentials.