Exotic Genetix Seeds Review

Founded in 2008, exotic genetix seeds is a US based seed breeder that breeds original cannabis strains. Since their beginning, they have won numerous awards in the cannabis industry. Their strains like Supernatural, Essence and Flurple are renowned among cannabis connoisseurs.

Which is a better strain?

What began as a one man operation in the back of a hydroponics shop, turned into a movement. Mike had seen many growers struggle with mites, powdery mildew and other diseases that wreak havoc on their garden. So, Mike started handing out his self-bred seeds to help them overcome their issues and have successful harvests. This worked out so well that Mike decided to turn his operation into a professional business.

This allowed him to focus on breeding more and more genetics that would not only be resistant to disease but also produce great buds with incredible aromas. It wasn’t long before word got out about his success and he began winning cannabis cups. The award stack keeps growing and today, Exotic Genetix seeds is regarded as a highly respected seed brand with a wide range of strains to choose from.

The company is known for their innovative approaches to strain cultivation and exceptional seed genetics. Their strains are easy to find at a variety of dispensaries. You can purchase these strains in seed form through the official website of the brand. For instance, you can get the Wonka Bars strain, which is a sweet chocolate strain with subtle diesel notes.