Media Skills Training – How to Engage With the Media to Promote Your Research, Raise Your Profile and Win More Funding

media skills training teaches you how to engage with journalists and the media to promote your research, raise your profile, and win more funding. It’s also critical for companies that face unwelcome attention from the press. Media attention can arise for a variety of reasons including job cuts, accidents, and scandals, and one bad interview can damage a company’s reputation and impact its bottom line.

Typically, media training includes advice on how to prepare for all types of interviews – from live TV and radio to newspaper and online news articles. It covers a range of topics, such as how to remain confident and in control when the conversation takes an unexpected turn, how to deal with difficult questions, and how to communicate your key messages clearly.

Mastering Media Skills: A Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Training

It also teaches you how to use body language and tone of voice to convey confidence and credibility, and it provides tips on how to overcome nervousness. Feedback from executives and spokespeople who complete media training is that it has a significant positive impact on their communication skills and the way they interact with the media.

In a world of 24-hour global news coverage, sharp, accessible, and credible messages are crucial to engaging with the media and persuading millions of readers, listeners, and viewers about your organization’s work. This course teaches you how to adopt the skills that journalists have honed over decades to craft and deliver truly outstanding quotes and to tell your organization’s story in an engaging way.